Neighborhood Economics DC | Conference Content
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Conference Content

Access to Capital

Using tools, stories, and insights from best practices both in DC and all over North America we will spotlight what is working to close the gap in access to funding for entrepreneurs with special attention paid to neighborhoods and populations that historically have been at risk in regards to funding.

Civic Engagement

Believing that we need to cultivate a new approach to civic engagement, we will be inviting and hearing from anchor, city staff, faith communities, and local civic leaders. A new story is emerging for how larger organizations are learning from and supporting grassroots entrepreneurs.

Building an ecosystem of entrepreneurship

We will be showcasing the people, the ideas, and the organizations that are gaining momentum towards community wealth.  In learning from best practice accelerators, incubators, and technical assistance programs we will connect you with the ideas and leaders to help you grow an entrepreneurial vision for you neighborhood and city.