Neighborhood Economics comes to SOCAP

Join us in September!

Join the people creating the new local economy, building an inclusive system that works for all. Here you will meet the people making it happen, the leaders who are taking back the economy from Wall Street to Main Street.  We are thrilled to host this first of its kind one day event the day before SOCAP, September 13, that will highlight the new funding tools, the best practices, the pioneering failures, and the success stories we can all learn from.

You will meet and get to know the people who are just like you, making it happen in their economies that you can learn from and stay in touch with, the valuable strangers who will become unlikely allies, the peers you’ll call when you need to figure something out or need help.

In partnership with Balle, SOCAP is inviting you to come to the event that’s about the people who are taking it to the next level. Come to Neighborhood Economics and learn and find your people.

Find out about the new funding tools that are letting local people invest in businesses in their communities and states, from direct public offerings to new crowdfunding of real estate through a community lens. Innovative new loan funds, accelerators to start and grow neighborhood scale businesses, CD’s and other new tools will be highlighted.

See new ways to democratize ownership, like the new style employee and producer cooperatives working with anchor institutions that are creating community wealth in isolated places all over the country. Discover how investors are learning how to invest in cooperatives and still have a seat at the table.

Find new investment tools for investing in businesses that matter, that are creating just economies that work for everybody in your city, from affluent neighborhoods to the marginalized.

Be part of the emerging Neighborhood Economics network and join the people taking back the economy from Wall Street to Main Street in towns and cities all over the country.

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