Neighborhood Economics SF

Neighborhood Economics

Meets the Mission

MARCH 22 & 23





After 20 years at an award winning community development non-profit, Mauricio Miller discovered he’d been doing it all wrong. His greatest success came after he learned not to try to rescue poor people, but help them organize to solve their own problems. Denise Phillips is leading a community buyout of a major hospital’s food service company. That will mean, besides more fresh organic food in marginalized neighborhoods in Richmond and large scale community wealth building, the scaffolding for an entrepreneurial hive of food businesses. Kali Akuno is leading a series of growing co-ops from yard waste organic compost, to security, to catering, as community owned businesses create jobs in what had been mostly jobless West Jackson, Mississippi. Leo Sosa has turned dev/Mission, a path to tech jobs for diverse young people in the Mission District, into a powerhouse that has already expanded to Bayview-Hunters Point. Derrick Braziel is being invited to bring Mortar, the accelerator based in Cincinnati, to two other cities, and is about to license his unique culturally appropriate technical assistance to other accelerators. Aaron Tanaka and Lucas Turner Owens are creating a fund of funds that foundations are interested in to accelerate friends and family funding for a network of entrepreneurs who don’t have a rich uncle or aunt. Andrea Golden has created a way for the undocumented to save and accumulate assets arising out of saving circles that is replicable, scalable, and mitigates deportation risk.

Those are just a few of the amazing people who will be telling the stories of their solutions thatcan be replicated, or sharing where they still need help, in an interactive, two day session March 22-23, followed by the second System Entrepreneur Summit March on 24. The Summit is invite only, but email and let’s talk.

Over the last three years, Neighborhood Economics convenings have catalyzed more than $5 million to groups working on entrepreneurship as the path to wealth for marginalized communities. We are just learning to integrate and partner with banks, credit unions, and CDFI’s.

Our goal is to have a bigger and more positive impact in the Mission in 2019 than in 2018. That simple design principle seems to be working. It changes everything. Please join us if this sounds like something you want to be part of!